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Heating Services Near North Salem

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Heating Systems

that keep you cozy all winter

Whether you’re building a new home, adding more space, looking to replace an aging furnace or make your basement or garage more livable, the solution is simple: call Air Professional Associates.

A heating system isn’t something you buy every day, but with a team of trusted professionals at your side, you can enjoy the best of everything for years to come—room-to-room comfort, reliability, and top-level energy savings.

We offer a wide variety of heating choices—like high-quality options from Carrier to suit every family’s home, lifestyle, and budget. 

  • Gas furnace
  • Oil furnace
  • Ductless air systems
  • Ground source (geothermal) heat pumps
  • Air source heat-pumps
  • Hydro-air systems

If you opt for a gas or oil furnace, we also can design and install a companion central air conditioning system.

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Air Purifiers

That Will have you breathing a sigh of relief

Winter and summer, the air inside most homes contains contaminants such as chemicals from multiple sources. dust, pollen, and other allergens get tracked indoors. Heat and humidity encourage viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew to thrive unseen. It can literally make you sick.

At Air Professional Associates, we can’t cure allergies, asthma, and other upper respiratory ailments, but we can help rid your home of the pollutants that may cause and aggravate them.

  • Air cleaners effectively remove bacteria, pollen, animal dander and the tiniest microscopic contaminants
  • Humidifiers add moisture to make winter air more comfortable
  • Dehumidifiers remove moisture to make summer air more comfortable and discourage growth of bacteria, viruses and mold
  • UV-based air purifiers help kill bacteria, mold and viruses, and they help boost the efficiency of your AC system
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Servicing the Greater Area of North Salem

Bedford Hills
Mt. Kisco
North Salem
Pound Ridge
New Canaan
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Financing is Available

Purchasing and installing a new heating system is a big investment. It will pay dividends for many years, but financing can help make your purchase more affordable.