Why You Should Clean or Replace Your Furnace Filter

Sometimes the easiest solution stays hidden for ages, just because you haven’t thought to look there.

Here’s a great case in point: your home. More specifically, the air inside your home. On average, it’s twice as polluted as outdoor air and, in some parts of the country, it’s a whole lot worse than that.

So, let’s say polluted indoor air is plaguing your home. How would you know? Mostly by complaining of an endless cold when, in fact, you don’t have one. Instead, you have allergy or asthma symptoms spurred on by airborne pollutants.

Clean or Replace Your Furnace Filter

Okay, now that you’ve figured it out, what happens next?  You start dusting more, buy a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, load up on house plants with bacteria killing qualities, and so on. Those are all things you can see and touch.

But what about what you can’t see or touch – not until you get up close and personal? We’re talking about your furnace filter. A simple little device that has a whole lot to do with the air you breathe. Because unless you routinely clean or replace it, it’s going to hold onto the dust, dirt and other pollutants that travel through your ductwork. And when that debris field has nowhere else to go, your furnace starts blowing it into the air around you.

So, take our advice and start checking your filter about every four weeks. If it looks pretty disgusting before your clean or replace, check back again in three weeks instead, etc., until you get the timing just right.

Here’s something else that can help you breathe a whole lot easier indoors – annual furnace preventive maintenance. With Air Professionals, that consists of a very thorough cleaning and inspection of your entire heating system, not just the filter. That way, you’ll breathe cleaner air, your system will run better, and your utility costs will come down. If it’s been a year or longer since your last furnace cleaning and inspection, contact Air Professionals today.

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