Why Today’s AC Systems Are Better

Technology is changing faster than ever, helping make our lives easier, our time more productive, and enabling faster and more reliable connections with family and friends a world apart. Those same technological advancements are at work making our homes more comfortable, too. 

Take central air conditioning, for example. Whether you view it as nice-to-have you rely on for the hottest of days, or a necessity that runs all season long, today’s air conditioning systems have come a long way from the loud, bulky, expensive amenities of decades past.

Check out just how “cool” central air conditioning is today.

More Efficient Operation

Today’s AC systems can keep you cool and comfortable while consuming less energy than ever before. In fact, efficiency is improving so quickly, the traditional rating system, (SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is struggling to keep up. It wasn’t that long ago that ratings between 4 and 10 were commonplace. Now, some units boast ratings as high as 26. In practical terms, that means there’s only about 4% wasted energy – the rest goes towards cooling your home.

While helpful, a system’s SEER rating isn’t enough to go on when choosing a new system. The system needs to be properly sized, and that means factoring together several relevant items, including ceiling height, size and integrity of your air ducts, square footage, number and placement of vents and registers, how well your home is insulated, and more. A system that’s too big will cycle on and off more frequently, thus making it work harder and eventually shortening its equipment life. By contrast, an undersized system will work and work harder trying to keep up with cooling demands – another premature ticket to the recycling heap.    

More Comfortable

You’ve heard it before, and you’ve said it before: “I can deal with the heat, it’s the humidity I can’t stand!” Yes, you’re A/C’s job is to cool your home, but newer systems also effectively remove excess humidity for greater comfort at higher temperature settings. As an AC system ages, that ability wanes. That’s when it’s time to consider purchasing a replacement system or a whole-house dehumidifier.   

Quiet, Versatile, and Discreet

From whole-house whisper-quiet systems to ductless units that allow central air installation in basements, garages, room additions, and homes where no ductwork exists, today’s wider range of options benefits beyond increased comfort. It also means no more unsightly window units, no more trying to hear yourself think over the noise of the outdoor condenser, and certainly no more putting up with heat and humidity just because your home’s design doesn’t allow for ductwork. 

What a fascinating world we live in. And how much better things can be in your home with the latest in home air conditioning technology.  Contact Air Professionals today to request a free comfort evaluation and new system proposal.

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