Why Timely AC Filter Replacement is So Important

Here at Air Professionals, we work hard every day to ensure our many local customers are experiencing maximum indoor comfort as affordably as possible. But we’re not in this alone. You see, even with annual preventative maintenance for your heating and cooling systems,

there’s still plenty you can to do to ensure your system run better, last longer, and with minimum energy expense.

One such task is to regularly clean or replace your AC and furnace filters. Here’s why that’s so important: Timely AC Filter Replacement is So Important

Reducing the amount of airborne pollutants

The cleaner your filter, the cleaner the indoor air that you breathe. Conversely, once a filter gets clogged with the dirt, dust, and other contaminants it attracts,

they get blow through your ducts and into your living spaces while your AC or filter fan is engaged.

Replacing an old filter with new results in fewer irritants to trigger different types of health issues like allergies and respiratory ailments.

Reducing energy consumption

When a filter is clogged, your AC system has to work harder to propel conditioned air through your vents and beyond,

thus requiring a greater amount of energy and effort to get the job done.

By cleaning or replacing your filter every 6-8 weeks, your system will run better, require fewer repairs, last longer, and cost less to operate.

Greater comfort

The better maintained your system – including routine filter cleaning and replacement – the longer it will continue to deliver the kind of indoor comfort you’ve grown to rely on.

By contrast, an overly-stressed system will start to lose cooling efficiency sooner than a well-maintained system,

thus forcing you to adjust the thermostat to reach the desired temperature, and thus putting even more stress on your system.

As you can see, keeping your heating and cooling systems in top working order is a shared responsibility – yours and ours.

Today, we invite you to contact Air Professionals for our AC (or furnace) preventative maintenance service; that way,

we can continue to provide you the benefit of our expertise to help keep your system running to its maximum potential.

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