Why Furnace Sizing Matters

We run into them all the time – new or existing customers who need a new furnace or boiler and tell us they heard from a “friend” who advised them to go smaller to save money both on heating costs and installation.

We understand that friends are only trying to help but, in this case, the friend is dead wrong. Because by either under- or over-sizing a new heating system, we would be doing a giant mis-service to any customer we serve.

Here’s why.

Furnace Sizing Matters

Under-Sizing a Furnace

Yes, in most instances, a smaller furnace will cost less to purchase and install, but that’s where the savings end. Plus, they’re only short-lived anyway. An under-sized system will cost more to operate than a right-sized system because it won’t be able to take as many breaks to fully heat your home. It’s going to need to pump out a little more warm air more often. That in turn raises your heating costs and, with all that extra labor, will result in reduced equipment life. Not a smart move.

Over-Sizing a Furnace

Okay, so if under-sizing is a bad, what about over-sizing? Sorry, but it’s an equally bad move. When a furnace or boiler is too large for the home it’s heating, it tends to take longer breaks since it heats up the home to the desired temperature faster. Frequent cycling on and off also drives up energy costs and causes premature equipment failure.

“Accurate” is the Right Size

Accurate furnace sizing is one of the most important services a heating company can offer. This process works in tandem with calculating a home’s heating load to ensure the best and most economical “furnace fit.”

When a furnace or boiler is right-sized, you’ll enjoy maximum energy efficiency. Which means whether you purchase a system that’s 89% or 95% efficient, you can count on those ratings to translate into reality.

Right-sized equipment also lasts longer and will incur fewer repairs with proper and professional annual maintenance.

To cut out the guesswork, contact Air Professionals for the assistance you need to give you the most heating system for your money – not too big, not too small, but just right.

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