Why Are Some Rooms Colder Than Others

During the winter, is there a room or area of your home that’s always colder than the rest of your house? Let’s just say that’s not how your home or heating system was designed, assuming both were designed properly.

So, if you have uneven heat distribution, there’s a correctable problem no matter what the cause.  Here are a few likely “suspects”:   

Some Rooms Colder Than Others

Registers – Before contacting your trusted HVAC technician, make sure your registers are completely open and not obstructed by furniture, rugs, or accessories. While removing any obstructions that are blocking heat flow, consider whether you have enough registers to cover space. If you have a rather large room with vaulted ceilings or one that’s open to another area of the house, one or two registers might not cut it.

Dampers – See if your home’s ductwork contains adjustable dampers. If so, look for handles and markings that indicate a winter or summer setting, and set the handles parallel to the duct line for maximum airflow.

Furnace Filter – A dirty furnace filter not only makes your heating system work harder than necessary but can cause a decreased supply of heat. Clean or change your filter regularly – about once a month is the norm. And don’t forget to schedule your annual heating system inspection to help keep your furnace or boiler running at peak efficiency.  

Radiators – Whether your home has old-fashioned radiators or baseboard units, they won’t warm your space sufficiently if they are blocked by a dresser, sofa, or bed. Or, if you have an unblocked radiator that still isn’t providing enough heat, trapped air could be the cause. To find out, bleed the radiators with a radiator key or a flat screw driver, depending on the type of valve you have. Slowly turn the valve counter-clockwise until you see water dripping out. By allowing water to flow, you’re releasing trapped air.

At the same time, Air Professionals recognizes that not everyone is the DIY type, especially when it comes to something as complex as a home heating system. So, for annual preventive maintenance, high-quality repair work, or a free quote on a replacement heating system, give us a call.  Air Professionals: your year-round indoor comfort specialists.


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