When’s the Best Time to Buy an AC System?

Best Time to Buy an AC SystemThe dog days of summer are here. And, if you’re lucky, you have a perfectly functioning central air conditioning system to keep you cool and comfortable at home.

But let’s say it’s performing as well as it once did.  What do most people do in that situation?  They reason that with only a couple of cooling months to go, maybe their system can limp to the finish line, grab a nice winter’s rest, and then come back roaring and ready for action on the spring.

That’s called the old “cross your fingers and hope for the best” routine, and it has three common causes. 

Perhaps, for example, you recently splurged on an all-inclusive vacation and you’re a little tight on cash.

Or you have other, more pressing purchases to consider. Or maybe you just think that you’ll get a better deal in the spring.

Well, now we have a little trade secret to share with you. You see, the best time to upgrade your central AC system is not when yours finally gives out. Nor is it during the peak summer cooling season. Rather, the best time is right now, as summer – statistically, anyway – is in its declining days.

As fall draws nearer, air conditioning installers typically have more equipment on hand than they’re likely to sell and install during the current season.  And the last thing any company wants is left over inventory, not to mention system installers looking for things to do.

At Air Professionals, we’re no exception.  It’s not quite heating season yet and summer is past its prime.  Frankly, we’d like to be a little busier.  So if your central AC system has seen better days, give us a call and we’ll give you our best price on a new, high efficiency replacement system. Or, maybe a ductless air or heat pump system would better suit your needs.  Either way, we’ll be happy to explain the relative advantages of each type of home comfort system to help you get all the comfort you need, right on budget.  Plus, we offer new system financing to qualified buyers.

For more information and a free in-home quote, contact Air Professionals today.

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