The Inside Scoop on Ductless Air

Once upon a time, ductless air systems were an oddity. People would see one in a friend’s home or restaurant and wonder why there was a strange looking device (the air handler) hanging on a wall.

As time marched on, more and more people discovered the benefits and flexibility of ductless air systems and began buying them in droves, including those with no air ducts for central air or forced air heating.

Today, ductless heating and cooling systems are known far and wide, and their popularity continues to grow while new applications are gaining traction. Take your garage workshop. The one that can be difficult to heat and cool – but not with its own ductless air system.

How about a separate garage where you store an antique car or other items of rare value – items that are climate sensitive. Our advice? Stop risking harm to them or storing them elsewhere when a dedicated ductless air system will afford you precise climate control. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with a ductless air system.

  • Ductless systems are more efficient than air conditioners or heat pumps. The biggest reason for this is you’re controlling one room at a time instead of the whole house. 
  • It’s environmentally friendly because it’s so efficient. If a room doesn’t need to be cooled, you can shut off that part of the system.
  • The dual split vane design is designed for directional airflow. So, for example, if it’s mounted offset on a wall, you can have the vents point the other way, so you don’t lose 30% of the airflow as it hits the wall first.
  • The units can heat and cool, so just like a heat pump, they can make you comfortable year-round. And, when it’s in air conditioning mode, it removes excess humidity from your home.
  • They are scalable. You can heat and cool as many rooms as you’d like, from just one to a whole house.
  • They are versatile enough to heat and cool problem areas of your home without ductwork. What’s more, ductless mini-splits can focus on the areas where your primary HVAC system is deficient.

Whole-house comfort? Ductless. An adjunct to a central AC system that can’t quite keep your second floor cool? Ductless. A 3-eason porch that you want to enjoy year-round? Once again, the answer is ductless. For more information and a free in-home proposal, contact Air Professional Associates today.       

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