The Benefits of Oil to Gas Conversion

If you still have oil heat, chances are you’ve considered – at one time or another – converting to natural gas. 

Still not convinced it’s the right move?  Well, you might just change your mind once you consider the following environmental benefits of a gas furnace: 

  • Helps conserve natural resources
  • Natural gas contains about 30% less carbon monoxide than oil and contains no mercury…another environmental plus
  • There’s an abundant supply of natural gas which means prices tend to remain relatively constant from one heating season to the next…can you say the same about annual oil prices?  

The Benefits of Oil to Gas Conversion

That’s the environmental side of the equation.  Now let’s see how converting from oil to gas heat makes economic sense:

  • Natural gas is versatile, meaning you also can use it to heat your water, for your stove and oven, even your clothes dryer.
  • Since natural gas comes from an underground pipeline, you’ll never run out…what happens in the middle of a blizzard when the oil truck can’t make it to your house?
  • It simply costs less to heat your home with natural gas.
  • Natural gas furnaces do not require cleaning. There are no ashes to worry about, unlike oil furnaces that do require careful cleaning.
  • Natural gas heating not only adds value to your home, in part, because it’s an expense the new owners won’t have to incur later on.

Does your street have an underground gas main?  If so, you’re eligible for heating system oil to gas conversion, even if you don’t already have gas connected to your home.  For answers to all your questions and a free in-home consultation and system proposal, contact Air Professionals today.

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