The Benefits of House Plants in Your Bathroom

It’s not every day that you see house plants in a bathroom, but it’s not exactly a rare sighting either. In fact, people tend to do so for two primary reasons.  First, the obvious one: spruce up the look and feel of the space, especially with plants that thrive on added moisture. At the same time, certain house plants do a superb job of removing bacteria and other pollutants from the air. Two benefits with one stone, sort of.

Which plants are best suited for this dual task? Let’s have a look. 

Aloe Vera

Nature’s medicine for cuts, burns, and abrasions, aloe vera will do well in a sun-lit bathroom. It not only will look great, but the gel inside each leaf can be used to naturally treat those minor boo-boos we all get from time to time.


This hearty plant can grow almost anywhere. In fact, it doesn’t even need soil. Bamboo can take root in a container filled with a few inches of pebbles and some water. Refill the water occasionally for a Zen-like retreat.

Cast Iron Plant

Also known as aspidistra, this plant can handle extreme temperature fluctuations, over-watering, and even neglect. And because it loves shade, it’s great for bathrooms that don’t get a ton of natural sunlight.

Dragon Plant

Without some humidity, dragon plants can dry out and brown, which makes them ideal for a room that sees frequent steamy showers and baths.


Ferns thrive in tropical forests known for higher humidity and filtered light. The bathroom can mimic these conditions perfectly.


Tired of staring at unsightly plumbing pipes scaling your bathroom walls? Hang an ivy plant high near the ceiling in a windowed bathroom and watch it work its magic as it wraps around pipes or curtain rods. 


Orchids can be fickle but set in the right environment, they’ll reward you with beautiful blooms. The orchid loves indirect sunlight and high humidity, so set yours on a bathroom windowsill for best results.

Peace Lily

These beautiful, low-maintenance plants need minimal sunlight and moist soil to thrive while removing household impurities from the air.

Snake Plant

This is one of the lowest-maintenance plants around, making it perfect for a bathroom. It’s a low-light plant that filters out formaldehyde which is commonly found in household cleaning products, some cosmetics, and even toilet paper.

Spider Plant

If you have a window in the bathroom that allows in sunlight, the spider plant will thrive with once- or twice-weekly watering. In return, it will remove carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from the air.

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