The Benefits of Boiler Maintenance

“Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on Its Way…”

No it’s not, but the holiday season is. And with that comes winter – for some the wrath of it, for others pure joy. Well, love it or hate it, winter is when your heating system – furnace, boiler, or electric – earns its keep.

This blog is for anyone with what’s called a hydronic heating system, aka a boiler. Most boilers heat water, while some heat gas. Furnaces, on the other hand, heat air to keep you warm. That’s the essential difference. And, just like a furnace, a boiler needs ongoing care to perform at its best.

Here’s boiler maintenance in a nutshell, courtesy of Air Professionals.   

Home Boiler Maintenance

Yes, there are certain tasks you can perform yourself to help keep your boiler in top working condition. As well as being effective, the following tasks are safe to perform.

  • Clean — Regular cleaning helps prevent dirt and dust from getting into the boiler and damaging the equipment.
  • Check for Leaks — While some condensation and water drips are part of your boiler’s normal operation, significant leaks mean trouble. Look for signs of rust or pooling water and call Air Professionals if you suspect a leak or crack.
  • Check the Safety Valve — Make sure the safety valve is working by lifting the “try” lever monthly. The valve must be set to open at or below the maximum working pressure as set by the manufacturer. Limescale often builds up in the boiler, and descaling is required from time to time. Most homeowners are comfortable descaling their boiler on their own.
  • Check the Pressure — The optimal pressure range for your specific boiler should be outlined in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Check to ensure your boiler has adequate pressure to heat your home. If not, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on increasing or decreasing internal boiler pressure to reach the appropriate range or call in a plumber.
  • Insulate Your Pipes — Foam pipe insulation specifically meant to keep heat from escaping your system can be found at most hardware stores, just be sure to check the size of your pipes.

Professional Boiler Maintenance

DIY maintenance in combination with professional maintenance from Air Professionals is your best assurance of absolute home comfort all winter long.

Our HVAC technicians are trained to maintain and repair all makes and models of home boilers to ensure more than your comfort – we have the experience to keep your family safe from harm. We’ll also help ensure that your warranty remains valid, that your energy costs remain at their lowest possible levels, and that there’s little to no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Has it been a year or more since your boiler was last maintained by a pro? If so, contact Air Professionals today – yes, it’s that important.

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