The Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance

The Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance

“Ah, spring.”  A couple months later: “Summer’s finally here!”  A couple days later: “Quick, someone turn on the AC!”

That’s a New York and Connecticut summer for you. Long-drawn out winters, summers that feel too short, but when summer’s here, it can get awfully hot and sticky.

For that reason alone, you want your air conditioning system in the best possible working shape, and Air Professionals is here to ensure that happens with our annual preventive maintenance service. Not only do we recommend it, system manufacturers do, too. In fact, some will void your warranty if you don’t have annual service – performed by a licensed HVAC contractor – during the warranty period.

Annual AC Maintenance

At Air Professionals, preventive maintenance consists of highly disciplined and multi-step cleaning and inspection.  Here are just a few of the steps involved:

  • Blower Motor – measure amperage and voltage for proper operation
  • Thermostat – test for proper operation, calibrate and level
  • Clean existing air filter (as needed)
  • Inspect indoor coil
  • Condensate Drain – flush and treat with anti-algae
  • Inspect condenser coil
  • Refrigerant – monitor operating pressures
  • Safety Devices – inspect for proper operation
  • Electrical Wiring – inspect and tighten connections
  • Inspect electrical for exposed wiring

Is it really worth the trouble? Well, only if you appreciate these resulting benefits:

  • Fewer and less costly repairs
  • Longer system lifespan
  • Cleaner indoor air
  • More consistent temperatures throughout your house
  • Reduced electricity costs

Which means yes, of course preventive maintenance is worth the few minutes it takes to call and schedule service from Air Professionals: your complete home heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality resource.

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