The Benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump

The Benefits of an Air Source Heat PumpThe absolute best time to select a new heating and cooling system?  When you’re in the early stages of building a new house.  That’s when your options are as wide open as can be.

And if you are about to build a house, chances are you’ve already considered heating and cooling your home with an air source heat pump.  Why? 

Actually, for all the right reasons:

  • One combined heating and cooling system vs. two separate systems
  • More energy efficient that two stand-alone systems
  • A well-maintained air source heat pump can deliver three times the heat energy than the electric power that goes into it – compare that to a gas furnace that, the best of which cannot surpass 100% efficiency
  • Easier to maintain
  • Lower energy costs

As you can see, where a heat pump really shines is during the heating season as air source heat pumps and better AC system will cool your house with roughly equal efficiency.  But all in all, you still end up on top when you choose one system vs. two.

But what if you’re not building a home, and really only need one or the other – a heating or cooling system – but not both? Does it still make sense to purchase an air source heat pump when, practically speaking, you’re disabling one of your two current home comfort systems before it’s time?

That’s an answer only you can provide, but you don’t have to go it alone.  So, if you’re currently weighing your options for the best in new or replacement home heating and/or cooling, contact Air Professionals today. We’ll explain all your options and demonstrate where your expected energy savings with each. Can you save enough with a heat pump to justify the higher up-front investment and still end up in the plus column?  Let’s find out together.

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