The Benefits of a Whole-House Air Purifier

Do you have a cold – or, at least it feels like a cold – that just won’t go away? How about certain allergy symptoms, especially the kind you only seem to notice at home? Well, it’s just possible that the cause is polluted indoor air, and not a virus or allergic reaction.

The EPA estimates that, on average, indoor air twice as polluted as outdoor air.  You’ve heard of Sick House Syndrome?  Now you know where it comes from.  In extreme cases, indoor air can be up to 100x more polluted than outdoor air. Not a pretty statistic, is it?

The Benefits of a Whole-House Air Purifier

While there are numerous DIY measures you can take to purge your home of air contaminants, none are as effective as a whole-house air purifier from Air Professionals. Our indoor air quality specialists can install one or more inside your air ducts. Then, when your furnace or AC fan engages, the air purifier will trap 99% or more of those contaminants before they reach you and your lungs.

Some models come with replace-able filters, while some filters need only to washed and cleaned approximately every six months. 

Carrier Infinity Air Purifier

The Infinity Air Purifier by Carrier is our preferred brand. More importantly, our customers love them.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • The Infinity Air Purifier offers extremely high air filtration efficiency and patented germicidal technology so effective it even captures and kills airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and mold.
  • Unlike many portable air cleaners, the Infinity Air Purifier is extremely quiet and can treat the air throughout your entire home. In fact, the Infinity Air Purifier cleans over 100 times more air than some of the popular portable units.
  • The Infinity Air Purifier is as convenient as it is powerful because no cleaning

Is required. Simply remove and replace the media cartridge periodically to maintain peak performance.

To learn more about a whole-house air purifier and what one can do to help you start feeling better, contact Air Professionals today.

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