The Benefits of a Variable Speed AC System.

Variable Speed AC SystemNot that we’re recommending it, but let’s say you suddenly to start your own bike taxi service.

Let’s further assume you’re serious about this undertaking, and you want to pedal your way to big bucks – the more, the merrier.

To accomplish that, which of the two options would you be more likely to pursue:

  • Pedal your bike relentless until you don’t have even a single route left in you?
  • Or, pace yourself in accordance with your physical conditioning, traffic conditions, and other relevant factors?

Pretty simple, right?  You’re going to pace yourself because you’ll work better, last longer, and be way more inclined to show up for work again tomorrow, rested and ready to go with the traffic flow.

Well, while no one ever accused an air conditioning system of being human, they’re much “happier” pacing themselves, too.  And a happier AC system is one that works more efficiently and lasts longer, both of which save you money.

Consider, if you will, a variable speed air conditioning system.  Unlike your current AC system – which runs at full tilt until the desired temperature is reached, then shuts itself off only to re-start once the temperature starts to rise – a variable speed system runs constantly.  But it’s not working at full tilt.  Rather, it’s pacing itself, transitioning constantly from lower to higher speeds as indoor conditions dictate.

Out of that come several important benefits:

  • Greater energy efficiency.  It may be running non-stop, but your variable speed system will run far more efficiently at lower fan speeds than your current system is capable of.
  • Less noise. Slower fan speeds translate into quieter operation while eliminating the need for frequent on/off operation.
  • Improved air quality. Provided you clean or replace your filter every 30 days or so, variable speed systems help deliver cleaner indoor air since the air is constantly running through your system’s filter.
  • Better comfort control. With constant fan operation comes more consistent temperatures from room to room.

Ready to upgrade to a new high efficiency air conditioning system?  Then contact Air Professionals today for a free in-home consultation and new system quote.  And be sure to ask us about a variable speed AC system.


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