The Benefits of a Ductless Air System in Bedford and Chappaqua

Ductless Air System in Bedford and ChappaquaSome older homes weren’t built with ductwork in mind: there’s simply no place to install them.

Traditionally, people responded by loading up on window air conditioners or simply doing without. Until, that is, the development of ductless air systems about 15 years ago, and a technology that was first introduced in Japan.

Ductless air systems are available for cooling only or heating and cooling combined. Either way, one or more condensing units are installed outdoors, just as with a central air system. But instead of connecting to an air handler that delivers cool air through ductwork, ductless condensing units connect to wall-mounted blowers, each one an air handler in its own right.

Since ductless air condensing units can each support up to five such wall blowers, ductless systems can be designed for a single room, an entire house, or anything in between. Here’s more to like about ductless air systems:

  • Can work alone or in combination with existing heating and cooling systems
  • Super quiet, remote-control operation
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • The wall blowers can neatly blend in with your home décor and, unlike window units, pose no risk of forced entry.

Does a ductless air system make sense for your home, family, and budget? Let’s find out together. And it all starts with a call to Air Professional Associates. Just ask to speak to one of our comfort specialists, a trained and experienced HVAC professional who will come to your home and explain all your options, including the one we believe suits you best.

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