Federal Tax Credits

Cut Your Energy Costs and Earn a Federal Tax Credit…All at the Same Time.

Before you purchase your next air conditioning system, be sure to talk to a home comfort specialist at Air Professionals.

That way, we can tell you all about available federal tax credits for certain types of high efficiency systems:

  • $300 tax credit on a qualifying air source heat pump
  • $300 tax credit on a qualifying central AC system with a minimum SEER rating of 16
  • $300 credit on a “package system” – a combined heating and cooling system, such as a ductless air system
  • $150 credit for a furnace with a minimum energy efficiency rating of 95%

It’s the government’s way of rewarding you for reducing your carbon footprint while simultaneously conserving energy and fossil fuels.tax

Still, not all brand names or models qualify for these tax credits, so it’s important to  contact us before making a purchasing decision.  That way, we can explain all the ins and outs of the Energy Star program, help determine your eligibility and, most importantly, recommend exactly the right indoor comfort solution for your home and budget.

To learn more about how you can cut your energy costs and earn a federal tax credit on your purchase, contact Air Professionals today.

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