Strange House Noises & Smells

When you live in a home long enough, you pretty much grow accustomed to its odd little habits, including sounds and smells it took you some time to figure out. But what happens if you’re new to the home heating and cooling systems and it’s doing some things that you find a little weird, and a little spooky?

While there is no end to household sights, sounds, and odors, here are a few of the most common phenomena,

None of which you need to worry about.

Creaking and Popping

Your home is made from a variety of materials – like wood, glass, and metal – that expand and contract at different times. When they do, they creak and pop and make other similar noises, most noticeable when a warm day gives way to a cool evening. “Nothing to see here” – just go back to sleep.    

Strange House Noises & Smells

Relentless Banging

If that wild hammering you hear is coming from inside the walls, it could be air pressure in the water pipes. The sound could increase in volume and frequency after a toilet is flushed or faucet turned on. It might take a plumber’s assistance to make this noise go away, which should happen after the water lines are drained.

Footsteps Above

If it sounds like someone is clattering – vs. tiptoeing – through your attic, it’s more likely a “something.” You know, like an outdoor creature that sought and gained access to your home’s interior. You can keep squirrels, raccoons, and other critters out by screening the gable, soffitt and rafter vents. Also, trim tree branches away from your roof to prevent ease of access.

Burnt Wood

You haven’t had a fire in your fireplace in days but you’re still smelling burnt wood. If you’re sure that nothing is on fire inside or out, simply check to see if the damper is open. If so, closing it should cause the burnt wood odor to disappear shortly thereafter.  

Moaning and Clattering

Sounds rather ghostly, don’t you think? Well, think again because noises like that most likely originate from backdrafts in your vents.

Clothes dryers, kitchens and bathrooms, and even water heaters have vents with dampers that allow air to exit and prevent outside air from coming in. These dampers can move and rattle in high wind.

Heating and cooling systems also can create strange odors and noises. A loud popping sound probably indicates restricted airflow through your ducts.  A clanking sound often points to a broken fan blade inside your condensing unit or furnace.

The smell of mold could possibly be traced to your AC system heat air handler, one that’s developed a drainage problem.

No matter what’s going on with your home heating and cooling systems, Air Professionals is here to set matters right again for your maximum indoor comfort and peace of mind. Contact us today for the service you need, when you need it.

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