“Should I Replace My AC System?”

Here’s how to tell if your family and home would be better served with a new and higher efficiency central air conditioning system:“Should I Replace My AC System?”

  • Age of your system. The average lifespan of your AC system is 12 – 15 years. Once it reaches roughly 8 years old, it’s energy efficiency is about 60% of what it was when new. That means, of course, you’re paying considerably to cool your home, and there’s no repair that can change that.
  • Frequent repairs. Just like with a car, the older the AC system, the more likely it is to break down. At some point, however, you’ll just know that it’s not worth fixing even one more time.
  • Poor air distribution. If some of the rooms in your home are either too hot or too cold, the likely cause is either a faulty thermostat or restricted airflow. Your attic insulation also could be lacking in one or more spots.
  • High indoor humidity. The older an AC system, the less effectively it removes excess indoor humidity. You can correct for that with a whole-house dehumidifier, but sooner or later you’re going to have to replace your AC system anyway.
  • Loud noises. If your AC system is making noises you can’t account for – noises you’ve seldom or never heard before – get it checked out before things get any worse. Remember: and AC system should be felt, not heard.

Not all of these symptoms necessitate replacing your AC system, but each is worth more though or further investigating. For a prompt and accurate diagnosis of what’s going on with your system, contact Air Professionals today. You’ll received a guaranteed upfront price quote along with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, regardless of the work we perform on your behalf.

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