“Should I Repair or Replace My Home Heating System?”

Now there’s a question we know how to answer, and with a high degree of confidence. Of course, when you’ve been serving the indoor comfort needs of families and businesses alike for more than 40 years as we have, you learn a thing or two about helping your customers make all the right decisions.

So to get started, the most important thing we can tell you about whether it’s best to repair or replace your aging heating system is “it depends.” Not only that, it depends on a lot of things, and there’s very little we can ascertain without inspecting your home heating system first hand.

Still, and not wanting to send you away from this blog “empty handed,”

here are some general rules of thumb indicating it MIGHT be time to replace vs. repair:

Young attractive Woman uses laptop at home whilst sitting on the lounge floorHot and cold spots inside your home.

If your heating system was properly designed and installed, then you should be getting equal amounts of heat in every room and area the system reaches. If not, and you have a multi-zone system, the problem could be with one of your thermostats. It also could be caused by wear and tear; the older your system, the more wear and tear will take its toll.

Steadily rising utility costs.

Today’s newer heating systems must have a minimum 83% energy efficiency rating, with some systems delivering 95% and even greater energy efficiency. Compare that to a system that’s at least ten years old and probably running at no better than 60% energy efficiency. That, in turn, adds up to a lot of extra utility costs. If your system hasn’t been professionally serviced in more than a year, then you can definitely improve its operating efficiency by scheduling service now. But sooner or later – perhaps even now – it simply makes more sense to invest a replacement system where the energy savings can cover its cost in as little as 3 or 4 years. After that, the energy savings become a legitimate net gain.

Age of your system.

Home heating system are designed to last 15-20 years. Which is to say, they’re not designed to last forever.

Some people wait until it’s breathed its last before replacing it,

while others proactively replace it not wanting to incur the inevitable repair costs of a system hanging on for dear life.

Which camp to you more closely align with?

Frequent repair problems.

Not every heating system makes lasts as long as 15-20 years; some fail much sooner than that. So regardless of its age,

A good indication that it might be time to replace is when the repair bills keep adding up.

At Air Professional Associates, part of our mission is to provide you and your family with worry-free home heating.

We have several means at our disposal to help accomplish that goal, and

system replacement is only one of them. Why not contact us today for the home heating service you need, when you need it.

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