Outdoor Chores for Summer

Ah, the carefree days of summer. Afternoons spent poolside, ice cream for dinner, and leisurely walks at sunset.

Yeah, right…maybe in someone’s dreams!  Reality, you see (at least for most of us) includes many other demands on our time, and most of them not refreshing at all…except, perhaps, for the feeling of accomplishment you’ll enjoy when each task is completed.

What sorts of outdoor tasks? Depending on need, here’s a great checklist to follow:

Outdoor Chores for Summer

  • Power wash the exterior of the house, deck, and walkways. Take note of any paint that needs touching up, deck railings that need repair, or cracks in walkways or the driveway.
  • Clean the gutters and make sure downspouts are attached properly. Yes, this is important in the spring and fall as well, but severe summer weather can send debris flying into your gutters, thus clogging them.
  • Seal the driveway to help it last longer. Because this project requires about 4 days to complete, check the forecast for a few consecutive days of no rain.
  • Help keep your home and family safe by scheduling a chimney inspection. That way, your fireplace will be ready to go when cooler months roll in.
  • Give shutters an inexpensive face-lift with a little paint. It’s cheaper than replacing faded, tired shutters and adds instant curb appeal.
  • Wash the windows inside and out to allow all that sunshine to flood your living space. Pick an overcast day so the glass cleaner doesn’t dry too quickly and leave unsightly streaks.
  • Freshen up the paint on your front door. Choose a color that complements the exterior of your house, or go bold with a bright yellow or dramatic red.
  • Update your mailbox and house numbers to match the newly painted front door.
  • Improve safety and security around your property with motion-sensing lights.
  • Scorching sun can do a number on gardens and flower beds. Clear away dead vegetation, shrubs and branches to ward off fires and pesky critters.
  • Give your garage door a little TLC by lubricating hinges, rollers, and other moving components annually.

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