Must Do’s for January

During the winter months, most home owners put off all sorts of projects until spring. But not everything is delay worthy as winter is an ideal time to get certain things done. Ready to make good use of the increased time you’re now spending indoors? Then here are 6 January must-dos to help ensure your home is starting the New Year off on the right foot.

Plan out your spring renovation or remodel. If you’re considering a spring remodeling project, the time to get started is now. Think of how you’d like to use the space, set a budget, and start researching contractors. Remember that you’re not the only one who might be tearing down walls and gutting kitchens, so the faster you can secure your contractors, the better chance you have of keeping your project on time and on task. Not to mention securing the best available contractors to work on your home.

Female Hands Framing Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.Improve your home’s energy efficiency. No one likes to see their hard earned money fly right out the window. But if your home lacks proper insulation, you could be doing just that. Root out inefficiencies by scheduling an energy audit and see what improvements you could make for greater comfort, fewer drafts, and lower energy costs.

Get organized. Many homeowners vow to get more organized at the start of a new year. But after a few months – or even weeks – that enthusiasm starts to fade. Stay on task by creating a list of areas or rooms you wish to tackle and then dedicate 30 minutes each day to steadily work through that list. That’s a great way to prevent burn-out and see a huge difference in just one month.

Refresh dirty, dingy tile. If the tile in your home has lost its luster, freshen it up by scrubbing the grout lines with a heavy-duty cleaner. With a little time and elbow grease, you’ll have it looking like new again.

Condition leather furniture. Just like your hands get dry and cracked during the low-humidity cold weather months, so does your leather furniture. Keep your sofa and chair buttery soft by applying a specially formulated leather conditioner to soften and moisturize it simultaneously.

Repair water rings, scratches, and dents in wood furniture. Everyday use can leave your wood furniture looking a little beat up. Clean up water rings, fill in small scratches and dents, and refinish really beat up pieces of furniture to bring them back to life. Just be sure to consult an expert before working on antique or heirloom pieces.

While we’re on the subject of must do’s, here’s one more: contact Air Professional Associates today if it’s been a year or more since your home heating system was last cleaned and inspected. It’s a great way to enjoy added indoor comfort, lower your heating costs and, equally important, prevent costly repair bills. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call now while it’s still fresh on your mind!



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