More Ways to Keep Cool

With or without central air conditioning, keeping cool during the dog days of summer requires a concerted effort and maybe even a little creativity.

After all, not everyone has central air. Even if you do, AC systems sometimes break down or under perform.  So, whether it’s an all-summer job or a short-term need, here are some additional ways to keep cool when you need a little boost:

More Ways to Keep Cool

  1. Eat more salads. This summer serve up some delicious cold meals so you can keep your stove and oven off.  Try a smoothie for breakfast instead of eggs and pancakes and a summer salad for dinner instead of baked chicken. Then again, there’s always your outdoor grill when you want your food piping hot and your kitchen nice and cool.  
  2. Use a ceiling fan. Even if you have central air, you can take some of the pressure off your system and reduce your utility costs by installing one or more ceiling fans. They pull cool air back up so less of it is wasted and you don’t need as much to cool your space.  
  3. Easy on the lights. Standard incandescent bulbs emit a hefty amount of heat, so turn them off if you’re not using them. By comparison, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs save energy and produce less heat when compared. Plus they’ll last many years longer than incandescent bulbs.
  4. Turn off the blow dryer, too! A hair dryer not only fills the room with hot air, it makes you feel hotter. If using it is a must, open a window to vent some of the heat and, to the extent possible, blow dry your air in the morning or evening
  5. Drape a wet towel over your shoulders. When you’re super hot – like after a jog or working outside – drape a wet towel over your shoulder. As the water evaporates it reduces your body temperature for a welcome, natural cool.  

None of these “keep cool” tips are ideal or long-lasting solutions, but they work. But so should your air conditioning system.  When it slows down or stops, that’s the time to contact Air Professionals.  We service and repair all makes and models, including yours. For prompt and reliable service, contact us today or any time. 

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