Is Your Furnace About Done? Let’s Find Out.

Your furnace gathers all its strength and energy each fall and winter to keep you and your family from the shivering, teeth-chattering, cold air that would fill your house without it.

It will work even better with annual preventive maintenance by Air Professionals, your local licensed and experienced HVAC resource. And yet, even with the best of care, that furnace or boiler of yours won’t last forever. It just wasn’t built that way. Then again, neither is any other mechanical object.

So, how would you know if yours needed repair work done or, worst case scenario, was ready for the recycling center? Here are a few clues to be alert for.

Age of Furnace

The average furnace lasts 10 to 14 years, so it’s common for one to experience performance issues as it approaches the 10-year mark. And while routine maintenance should help delay the inevitable, eventually repair issues will start to appear. They’re also likely to become increasingly costly. Older furnaces also don’t deliver the kind of energy efficiency than a new model can. And that’s why many of our customers don’t wait for the last gasp of their furnace to occur – they proactively replace theirs to start enjoying the added comfort and energy savings it will provide.

Dry Air

A dry environment can be caused from issues with the humidity control, but also can come from an undersized system which is running too frequently, or an oversized unit which does not run long enough. Replacement is the only way to get the correct size furnace your home needs.

Pilot Light Color

On gas heating systems the burner flame should be a bright blue color. A furnace that’s succumbing to excess wear and tear is likely to display a flickering or yellowish looking flame. This is an indication that the gas is not burning completely. It is also an indicator that your heating system may be producing a higher than normal level of carbon monoxide. And then you not only have a furnace problem, you have the potential for family health issues.

Look and Listen

You can tell a lot by a furnace simply paying a visit every now and then. While you’re there, inspect the unit for corrosion or rust, listen for unusual or loud noises like rattling or buzzing, and have it looked at by a pro if you suspect any signs of distress. Other than normal cycling on and off, a heating system should be quiet.

Time to Buy New?

If you sense or know something’s amiss with your furnace, contact Air Professionals in a hurry. If it just needs a good cleaning, that’s your lucky day. If there’s something wrong that can be repaired, we’ll give you a guaranteed price quote before starting the job. Or, if replacement is the best or your only option, we’ll give you a few great options to consider, tell you about our financing program, and then get busy making your life warm and comfortable again.

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