Is It Too Late for AC Maintenance?

One of the most common questions we hear this time of year is, “Is it too late for AC maintenance?”

And the simple answer is “no”. In fact, the only times it would be too late for AC service is once outdoor temps dip to about 60 degrees F or if your cooling system has completely broken down.

Maintenance is a service that an AC system needs done on an annual basis. Yes, we do typically recommend it in the spring before temperatures rise and you actually need the system day in and day out. But consistency is more important than the time of year you have it done.

So if you have yet to have your AC system inspected by one of our experienced technicians, here are 5 reasons to not wait until next spring.

Plenty of Summer Left

Sure, the kids are heading back to school and there’s a noticeable chill in the morning air, but there is still plenty of summer left. Regular AC tune-ups ensure that your cooling system is always ready to operate at its best, no matter how long our summer season is.

Reduce Cooling Costs

It’s estimated that each year your AC system goes without routine maintenance, it loses about 5 percent of its efficiency. This drop off gets steeper as the years go by, until you’re paying more for a unit that’s running much harder than it should in order to do its job.

Avoid Sudden Breakdowns

Another reason to have your AC system maintained once a year is that it prevents the system from unexpectedly breaking down when it’s needed most. In fact, taking this preventive measure can prevent up to 85% of the repairs the system may ever need in its lifespan. And since there are plenty of hot days ahead, don’t you want your air conditioner ready to get through each and every one?

Extend Equipment Lifespan

During yearly AC inspections, our technicians are able to identify and address any concerns before they become larger or more expensive problems. Annual checkups for your unit will reduce the impact of regular wear and tear and allow your system to function properly for many years to come, thereby extending the useful life of the system.

Greater Comfort

When your air conditioner is working at its best, it is able to cool your home more effectively and efficiently. This means that temperatures reach your desired level, humidity levels are lower, and you have improved indoor air quality. And that means greater indoor comfort. 

Has it been a year or more since your AC system has been inspected? Contact Air Professionals and schedule your late-season appointment today. You enjoy all the benefits we mentioned above and so much more.  

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