Is it Time for a New Furnace?

With its crisp morning air and beautifully colored leaves, fall is a favorite season for many. But for others, it’s a reminder that winter – and the cold temps it brings – will be here before we know it.

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No matter which side of that fence you might be on, you might be wondering if your furnace has one more full winter in it, especially if it’s getting up there in years. Remember: it’s average life expectancy is 15 – 20 years which means, among other things, that it’s not going to last forever.

Besides advancing age, what other signs might signal it’s time to replace your furnace with a new, energy-saving, high efficiency model? Here are the most telltale signs that replacement might be your best bet:

Uneven Temperatures – If some rooms feel colder than others or if you find yourself constantly changing the thermostat to feel comfortable, it could mean that your existing heating system is no longer able to evenly distribute heat from one room and space to another.

Frequent Repairs – As a furnace starts approaching the end of its lifespan, it’s prone to more frequent and costly repair problems. If you’ve spent money on furnace repairs in the past two years, it might be time to consider putting that money towards a new one.

High Heating Costs – While rising utility costs are common, your heating bill should not skyrocket unexpectedly from the previous year. Not, that is, if your furnace is in prime working order. The older and less efficient it becomes, the harder it has to work to deliver the kind of comfort you expect. That, in turn, is what’s driving up your utility costs.

Strange Noises. If you hear banging, rattling, or knocking sounds coming from your furnace, at the very least you need to call in a home heating professional since those noises are not likely to go away on their own.

So, what’s the right answer for your home? That’s just one of the many reasons to contact Air Professional Associates. At your request, we’ll send a highly skilled heating professional to your home to troubleshoot whatever symptoms you’ve noticed and then offer you our best advice from there. Who knows, maybe a simple repair is all it takes to give you another couple of years of efficient heating performance. If not, you can count on us to design and install the ideal replacement system for your home and budget. Either way, we have you covered.

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