Insulation Helps Reduce Energy Costs

Let’s say it’s winter and you feel chilled to the bone – inside your own home! You wonder how that can be,

especially after you go downstairs and hear your furnace humming away. You go back upstairs, put your hand on a floor vent…yep, plenty of heat.

You repeat that step if your house has multiple zones and discover the same result.So, with all that working for you, why on earth are you wearing socks, your warmest pajama pants,

multiple other layers of clothing, AND have a blanket wrapped around you?! 

It just doesn’t make sense – or does it? Well, it just might if your home isn’t properly insulated.  And we’re not just talking about your attic!

Tricks to better insulate your home to keep warm in the winter, and nice and cool during the warm weather months.    

Garage Door

Add a layer of insulation to the back of the garage door will keep your garage warmer in the winter, and your home along with it.  

Insulation Helps Reduce Energy Costs

Outlets & Switches

The Outlets and switches combine to allow a great deal of warm and cool air to escape your home.

But now you can fix the problem very inexpensively with foam insulation.  

Doors and Windows

Weather stripping and caulk to windows and doors keeps drafts out and conditioned air in.If you already have weather stripping in place and it’s not performing up to par, it’s probably to repair, reinforce, or replace it.


Over time, attic insulation will shrink downward and around the edges, thereby lessening its effectiveness. Check your attic and crawl spaces periodically to ensure the floor is well covered with 6” of insulation and no gaps.   

Air Ducts and Pipes

Insulating air ducts and pipes (those located in unheated space) is another way to minimize energy loss and help prevent your pipes from cracking and bursting.

The Outdoor Facing Walls

A small percentage of homes, especially older homes, contain insulation between interior and exterior walls. Spray-in insulation is a non-invasive process that can make a sizable dent in your monthly energy costs.

Another way to keep your energy costs to a bare minimum this winter:  contact Air Professionals to schedule annual heating and cooling system preventive maintenance. 

Regular cleanings and inspections help keep your systems in top working order, and, the better they run, the more energy they conserve.

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