How to Spruce Up Your Home

Whether it’s a cute as a button ranch or a sprawling estate, one thing is for sure – home is where your biggest investment is…at least for most people. It’s also where you spend gobs of time, and time has a way of dulling the senses.

So, if you’re looking for ways to freshen up your home’s appearance, we have a few helpful suggestions: 

Spruce Up Your Home

Shower it with gifts.

Every “gift” you bestow on your house reflects nicely on you. For starters, bring home the occasional bouquet of flowers. A colorful arrangement can instantly brighten up a room, especially during the winter. Or how about new throw pillows for the couch or a new duvet for your bed? If budget allows, how about a shiny new appliance or a new living or dining room set? Home love is all around you…you just have to look.

Give it a makeover.

Rearrange your furniture for an entirely different look. Or move your wall hangings and nick nacks around for a fresh perspective. Hate that old clock on the wall except for its time-keeping ability? Why not just replace it? Or make a room look larger with a large-space mirror.  

Repaint the front door and update exterior accents.

Whether your exterior has siding, paint, shingles, or stone, updating your front door can boost curb appeal. Looking for something a little simpler? Change out your house numbers and mailbox and, voila, you’ll feel like you’re walking into a new home.

Apply a new backsplash.

A fresh backsplash gives the impression of a bigger renovation, but for much less money. Peel-and-stick tile makes it a DIY project that can be completed without complicated or expensive tools. These tiles can be cut to size with ordinary tin snips and stick to the wall without added adhesives.

Update old floors.

Whether you have old carpet or beat up hardwood floors, a little measuring and a few hours of work can spruce up your floors and change the complete look of a room. A couple coats of durable floor paint or peel-and-stick tiles from your local home store can go a long way.

Here’s another change, and one you’ll notice all day, every day:  replace your old, worn out heating or cooling system with a new high-efficiency system from Air Professionals. We’ll size just right, install new ductwork or repair existing air ducts as needed, and give you the kind of indoor comfort you may be missing.  After all, how can you love a home if it makes you uncomfortable?  Contact Air Profs today for a new, custom-developed proposal.    

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