How to Rid Your House of Dust

No matter how often you clean, the dust never seems to go away.  Or at least that’s how many of  our customers feel. We know, because the keep asking us what can be done about it.  Well, did you know that some of your daily habits could be adding dust to the air and all kinds of surfaces inside your home? 

Here are 7 bad habits to vanquish at once so you can start winning the war against excess dust!

Rid Your House of Dust

  1. Dirty filters – A clean HVAC filter not only boosts the efficiency of your heating or cooling system, it also helps keep allergens, dust, and other particles from entering your living space. So be sure to clean or change those filters once a month for a cleaner, healthier home.
  1. Neglected bedding – Keep dust and dust mites at bay by washing and drying your sheets and mattress cover weekly. Invest in dust-mite proof pillow and mattress covers and vacuum your mattress regularly.
  1. Cluttered shelves – The more books and knickknacks you collect, the more dust they collect. Consider reducing your collection or displaying it or them in glass door cabinets where less dust gathers.
  1. Fuzzy floor coverings – If you just can’t part with that feeling of something warm and soft under your feet, be sure to choose carpeting and area rugs that have a shorter, tighter weave and pile. Vacuum regularly and take rugs outside for a good shake to get rid of even more dirt and dust.
  1. Dingy dust rags – Pick up more dust than ever before with microfiber cleaning cloths. They’re cheap, washable, and great at grabbing more than your old feather duster or t-shirt rag ever could.
  1. Wearing shoes inside – One of the easiest ways to reduce dust is by taking your shoes off before entering your home. Place a basket or rack near every entrance to give visitors a place to drop their shoes, too.
  1. Dry indoor air – Dust and static go together like peanut butter and jelly. Help break up the love affair by making sure your home has a sufficient amount of humidity in the air (ideally between 30% and 50 %).

Here at Air Professionals, we offer several highly effective means to help make your home as dust-free as possible. First, by installing a whole-house humidifier, we can effectively reduce the amount of static electricity inside your home which, in turn, attracts dust like a magnet does paper clips. We can also remove dust and a host of other indoor pollutants from the air by installing a whole-house air filtration system.  The system is installed inside your ductwork where it traps particulates like dust before they can ever reach your living spaces.

For more information or a free-in home air quality analysis and proposal, contact Air Professionals today.

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