How to Reduce Your Home Heating Costs

Everyone wants to pay less to heat their homes, partly because there are no bragging rights for paying more than your neighbors.Cover My AC Condenser This Winter

“Hey, how much did you pay last year to heat your home?  That’s all! We paid almost double that, and what a great investment it was!”

Talk about conversations that never, ever take place.

So, in the spirit of helping you cut your own home heating costs, here’s a list of some very practical and effective solutions:

  • Keep shades and blinds open during the day on windows facing the sun, and close them once the sun begins to fade.
  • Buy and install a dual-direction ceiling fan and, in the winter, run it in reverse. That serves to force heat back down into your living quarters, allowing you to feel perfectly comfortable at a lower temperature setting.
  • Locate and seal all air leaks. Each house, they say, has enough air leaks that if they were combined, you’d have the equivalent of a hula-hoop size hole in your wall allowing heat to escape. Good places to insulate include inside sockets and switches, inside outside facing walls, doors and windows, and your attic.
  • Invest in one or more programmable thermostats so you can cut your heating costs while no one’s home but still have your home nice and warm upon your return.
  • With whole-house zoning, you can warm those areas where you spend the most time, and turn the thermostat way back in rooms no longer frequently used.

Another great way to minimize your home heating costs is to have your system cleaned and inspected once a year by Air Professionals. We service and repair most makes and models, and are highly adept at keeping your system in top, energy-efficient shape. Why not contact us to schedule service today.

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