How to Reduce Your Home Cooling Costs.

This time of year, people throughout Westchester and other Counties get a little added exercise, especially the first one home from work.  You see, it’s that person’s job to make a mad dash to the main thermostat to crank up the AC system.  That, of course, assumes it hasn’t been left on all day or that you don’t have the benefit of a programmable thermostat.  But right now, neither of those are the point.

Here’s what is:  for all the added enjoyment your AC system provides, do you suffer an equal amount of angst when you open your summer-time electricity bills?

If so, and it’s not yet time to replace your system, you’ll want to implement one or more of the following energy-reducing steps

that are guaranteed to generate real savings:

Unplug any appliances and electronics (like your TV or computer) you’re not using.

Even if Home Cooling’ve turned them off, they’re still drawing power.

Make the switch to compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED bulbs

even if you do it just one room at time. Both CFLs and LEDs stay cool to the touch, last much longer than incandescent bulbs, and deliver the same or greater amounts of light for considerably less electrical expense.

Keep blinds, shades, and curtains closed

while the sun is shining, especially over those windows that get direct sunlight.

Check your water heater

to make sure the temperature setting is no higher than 120 degrees. Not only will that bring about added energy savings,

it will help prevent accidental scalding.

Avoid using your oven or range

when the outside temperature is at its peak. Or, cook meals in advance so you can simply warm them up come meal time.

Plus, there’s always the outdoor grill or delicious home-made salads for a more diverse spring and summer diet.

Have your windows, doors, and ductwork inspected

for places where conditioned air might be escaping.

It costs enough to cool your home without cooling your attic or the great outdoors at the same time.

And then there’s your AC system itself.  As in, when was the last time you had preventative maintenance performed on it?  If the answer is “over a year ago” or “I can’t remember,” the time to get the job done is now.  In fact, call Air Professionals and we’ll get you scheduled for service in just a few minutes.  But not just for the sake it.  You see, our AC preventative maintenance service is so thorough and effective, you can look forward to fewer and less costly repairs, a longer system lifespan, lower indoor humidity, reduced energy costs, and more consistent temperatures from one room to the next.

We look forward to this and every opportunity to serve your home comfort needs.


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