How to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Costs

Have you ever had a “Doh!” moment when the answer to a question you’ve just asked is so obvious, you wonder why you bothered asking it? Well, what if you were to ask a roomful of friends: “So, any ideas on how I can cut my monthly AC system electricity costs?” When, no sooner are those words out of your mouth, someone answers: “Try using it less.”

Come on, admit it: probably not the answer or advice you were looking for, but a good one nonetheless. Especially since there are umpteen ways to reduce your AC costs that way without feeling all hot and miserable as a direct consequence of your desire to save a few bucks.

Here are a few you can try at home: 

whole house fan installation cost

Attic fan.

Once upon a time, these were very popular, but nowadays, not so much. But they should be because one in your home can help you sleep like a baby without the AC running all night. All that’s required is for the outdoor temperature to be the same or cooler than your indoor air before turning off the AC and turning on the fan. And here in the Northeast, that happens more often than not, even during the summer. 

Create a Wind Tunnel

Place one fan facing inward by an open window, and a second fan at an opposite window facing outward. This creates a wind tunnel effect that constantly moves fresh air through the house and pumps stale hot air out.

Take a cool shower

Moisture, like wind, creates a perception of cooling and helps dissipate body heat. One way to cool off with moisture is a cool shower. You also can apply a cold compress to your wrists, arms, head, ankles and other body pulse points; this method will cool down your entire body.

Keep Cool Air Indoors

Once the last person leaves the house for the day, have them make sure all windows are closed, curtains drawn, and no unnecessary heat-generating appliances running to keep as much cool air as possible indoors.

Keep Heat Away from Your Thermostats

You don’t want any heat-generating  device, including lamps and appliances, near your thermostats. Otherwise, your AC will work longer and harder than it must to achieve the desired temperature setting. 

Close Off Rooms That Are Not in Use

Don’t even try to cool rooms that you don’t use. Keeping those doors closed reduces the amount of space to be cooled, thus easing the task for your AC system and saving you even more energy bucks.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drink plenty of fluids during the summer months to help lower your core body temperature.

Of course, reducing your dependency on your AC system doesn’t mean stop using it completely. It’s there for all those times you just want that sensation of cool, clean air washing over you, all throughout your house. To help ensure your AC system is up to that challenge, contact Air Professionals today to schedule our preventative maintenance service. Or, if you have a repair issue you want diagnosed and fixed as needed, once again we’re the only company you need to call.     

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