How to Reduce House Dust

Keeping your home even relatively dust-free is a never-ending battle. You wipe down a surface and, before you know it, dust starts settling all over again. There are, however, a few simple steps you can take to reduce dust accumulation. That means less time dusting AND sneezing.  

Avoid shaggy floor coverings. Stick to hardwood, tile, or other solid floor surfaces. If you still prefer having a rug under foot, opt for a flat-weave carpet or area rug and vacuum it often.

Use microfiber cloths. Ditch the feather duster and grab a few microfiber cloths. Their fine fibers attract even more dust that cotton fabrics, plus they come on wand attachments for hard-to-reach corners and shelves.

Reduce House Dust

Place a heavy-duty doormat at every entrance. Every time someone walks into your home, they bring dust and dirt with them. Keep a doormat in front of every entrance and don’t forget to wash it often. 

Invest in a good vacuum. A good vacuum cleaner can make all the difference when it comes to dirt and dust. If you’re vacuum has seen better days, upgrade to one that has the Rug Institute Seal of Approval as well as a HEPA filter. And remember to change or clean the filter regularly.

Don’t let the air get too dry.  Dry indoor air leads to more dust build-up, something you’ll notice more in the colder months once the heat is on. Use a humidifier to help maintain humidity levels between 40 and 50%. 

Clean your blinds and curtains. These often-neglected window coverings are a magnet for dust. Dust your blinds with a micro-static cloth and launder or dry clean your curtains twice a year.

If excess dust is a whole-house problem for you, then Air Professionals has multiple whole-house solutions to offer you.  An installed HEPA air filter can trap more than 99% of dust and dirt as they pass through your air ducts. What’s more, a whole-house humidifier can moisten your dry air throughout the long winter months. To learn more or schedule a free in-home proposal, contact Air Professionals today.


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