How to Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs

One of America’s favorite pastimes is complaining about how much it costs to heat and cool your home.  People talk about it all the time:  publicly, privately, and introspectively.

Of course, there is one other option…actually doing something to bring those costs down. Saving money and paring back on your stress levels are both very good things.

Here are just two of many ideas to help get you started. 

Whole-House Zone Control

Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs
If your home comfort systems are controlled by a single thermostat, it’s a near certainty you’re over-paying to heat and cool your home.  For starters, people tend to congregate in a few rooms at a time vs. all at once.  And yet with just one thermostat, you’re providing equal amounts of conditioned air, even in unoccupied rooms. 

With a carefully conceived and implemented zoning plan from Air Professionals, you’ll save money by controlling temperatures one room at a time.

Replace Your Thermostats with Programmable Models

Once you have two or more zones, you can further reduce your utility costs by converting to programmable thermostats, especially the kind that come with remote Wi-Fi access.

First, you can program your thermostats to automatically change temperatures in keeping with your family’s daily routines. With remote Wi-Fi access, you also can change those setting to compensate for changes in your schedule. 

Through both zone control and programmable thermostats, you’ll also reduce wear and tear on your heating and cooling systems. And that means fewer repairs and longer system life spans for even greater savings.

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