How to Prepare Your House for Winter

One thing we Northeastern types like to do is complain, especially about the weather. And if we look at just the past couple of winters as our sample size, there was plenty to complain about in terms of total snow accumulation and seemingly no end to the heating system and cold temperatures.

On the hopeful side, maybe this time around we’ll get a pass. Not a Florida-style pass, mind you, but even a little easing up would prove to be welcome relief indeed. Still, isn’t it better to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best?

We think so and, accordingly, would like to suggest you employ the following winter preparedness steps, as appropriate to your family and your home:

How to Prepare Your House for Winter

flue and chimney

If you have a fireplace and plan to use it again this indoor season, have the flue and chimney cleaned by a professional to remove built-up creosote for your added safety and comfort.

When the time is right, clean your gutters of all leaves and other debris to help prevent ice dams from forming on your roof and potentially damaging it while also allowing melting ice and snow to seep into your attic or upper level rooms.

Make sure that all down spouts lead far away from your foundation

To prevent foundation cracks and leaks, as well.

How well sealed are your windows and doors?

Now’s a great time to check by employing the “candle test.” That’s right, simply light a candle and move it around the edges of your windows and doors, being careful to have all window treatments, etc., safely out of the way. Wherever the flame stays upright, you have a tight seal. Wherever the flame tilts toward the window or door, you have a need repair or bolster your caulk and weather stripping.

If you have tree limbs too close to your roof or sides of your home, you might want to remove or prune them back one more way to prevent winter storm damage.

If you have forced air heating, this is the perfect time of year to have your ducts inspected and, if needed, re-sealed and insulated. That step alone can significantly cut your home heating costs this winter.

This is also the best time of year of heating system preventative maintenance, meticulously performed by Air Professional Associates. Our multi-point tune-up and inspection process will help your system run better, last longer, and provide added safety for your family while further helping to reduce your heating-related utility costs.

For timely and truly professional service, contact Air Professional Associates today.

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