How to Make the Most of Spring Cleaning

There are four kinds of people in the world:

  • Those who hate spring cleaning but do it anyway
  • Those who hate spring cleaning but hire someone else to do it for them
  • Those who love spring cleaning (the world needs more of you!)
  • Those who love or hate spring cleaning, but somehow manage to skip it

Which group you fall into isn’t the point of this blog, because there’s one trait all four have in common:  no one denies the value of a good, thorough, whole-house cleaning, no matter what time of year it might get done. But while you’re busy shooing the dust bunnies out from under your couch and making your windows sparkle, don’t forget the unseen – and often ignored – areas of your home that could also use a good cleaning this season.

Make the Most of Spring Cleaning

Inside Dryer and Dryer Vent – Did you know that lint build-up inside dryer cabinets is responsible for over 15,000 fires each year? To prevent becoming part of this statistic, check the exhaust vent and the inside of the cabinet on a regular basis and clean as needed.

Dishwasher – You might think your dishwasher cleans itself with every cycle. But over time, small bits of food often find their way into all those little crevices. Over time, they cause unpleasant odors and make it harder to get your dishes as clean as you like them to be. Remove the racks and utensil caddy and scrub the inside with an old toothbrush or small, soft bristle brush.

Garbage Disposal – If your kitchen sink is smelling a little funky, it could be your garbage disposal. Use an old tooth brush to scrape off food waste that may have gotten trapped under the splash guard.

Exhaust Fan Grill – You may not even notice it’s dirty, but dust, humidity, and moisture can cake your exhaust fan grill with debris. Remove the grill and soak in warm soapy water, and then let it dry completely before replacing it.

Outdoor Lights – Exposed to the elements all year long, your outdoor light fixtures can get pretty grimy. Plus the heat they give off provides an ideal environment for pest nests. Inspect them at least once a year and clean off any debris as needed.

Garage Floor – Whether you use it to park your car or your kid’s ride-on toys, your garage floor gets dirty fast and often. Give it a good sweeping and then wash it to remove dirt, rocks, salt, and more.

Here’s a spring cleaning job that’s a must for anyone who wants to enjoy all the comforts of home during the summer:  contact Air Professionals to have your AC system cleaned and inspected. Think of it as preventative maintenance to help keep your system in top working order while paying less to cool your home.

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