How to Landscape Around Your AC Unit

Do you ever look at your home’s exterior from the front and think: “Looks great except for one thing.”? That’s not uncommon. Nor is it when that one thing is your AC condensing unit. Beautiful landscaping everywhere else, lush lawn, great looking home, and then pow, this eyesore of a metal box sticking out for all the world to mock.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. Then again, if your goal is to block the view, extreme care should be taken in this “what” and “how.” Otherwise you could restrict airflow and cause your AC system to under-perform and develop repair issues.

Here are a few landscaping tips to help you avoid those possibilities.

Landscape Around Your AC Unit

Trim and Weed

Maybe there’s already plant growth around the condensing unit. If so, keep it short and weed the area regularly. If they’re within three feet of the unit, pull them and start again. The same goes for any new planting you have in mind. The good news is that, at a safe distance, you can go high enough to block a lateral view of the unit without impeding airflow.  

Shade the Unit

When choosing new greenery, opt for plants and shrubs that can block the sun. Your AC system will perform more efficiently that way.

Go Evergreen

Plant what you like but, for best results, choose evergreen varieties. They need less trimming than most small trees or shrubs plus there are no leaves to clear come fall or spring. Another great option is a lattice with climbing plants.

Build a Natural Wall

Bricks and stones won’t break your bones OR interfere with AC operation. With so many types available, it will prove easy to complement the look of your home and property.

Cleanliness Counts

Whether you have plants of any kind around your condensing unit or not, you need to keep the unit clean.  Airflow is reduced when dirt gets between the fins and the condenser. Hose it down periodically – your AC system will thank you.

One more way to maintain AC system efficiency is with an annual cleaning and inspection by Air Professionals. That one simple process will help reduce energy costs, minimize the extent and cost of repairs, and help extend equipment life. If it’s been a year or longer since service was last performed, contact us today.

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