How to Keep Your Pets Warm this Winter

Let’s say cats and dogs could talk. Would that change our interactions with them?  Of course it would!

For starters, they’d tell you about their day, what they enjoyed, what they could have done without, how they feel about your latest pet food purchase. They might even ask if you really need to turn down the heat quite as much as you’re accustomed to during the winter months. In other words, much of the guesswork would be gone – yours and theirs.

How about outdoor pets? Just because they come home at night doesn’t mean they’ve had the time of their lives.  Isn’t it possible they’ve had a spectacularly dreadful day?  Right now, you can only imagine.

Keep Your Pets Warm this Winter

So, just to play it safe, here’s some advice on how to help keep your pets nice and warm this winter, indoors and out.    

Bedtime: Not everyone likes having pets in bed with them, but during a storm or a power outage, snuggling may be the best way to keep them warm. You also can cover them with a blanket. If they must sleep on the floor or in a crate, provide a cushion to help retain their body heat.  

Clothing: Not all pets are the right breed for heavy and wet snow. Your dog may need boots to prevent frostbite and protect them from the damaging effects of road salt chemicals. Salt is damaging to their paws and can make them feel sick if they lick their paws. Sweaters and jackets also are helpful for time spent outdoors.  

Calories: Be sure to feed your dog or cat more on extra cold days. They need the calories to maintain an ample layer of fat; plus, staying warm burns extra calories in and of itself.   

Heating source: A hot water bottle or microwavable warm pack can be kept in their sleeping area during the day, but nix the electric blanket, at least when you’re not at home.  

Electric fence: If you have a dog and she spends time in a fenced yard, watch your fence line to make sure that the snow doesn’t pile up so high that the dog can walk out of the yard.

Beware of anti-freeze: Be on the lookout for antifreeze, which often leaks from cars into parking lots and puddles. Check the floor of your garage, too, for any telltale signs. Antifreeze is attractive to pets because it tastes sweet, but most brands are very poisonous and may be fatal.

When your heating system starts letting you down, humans and pets alike feel the stinging affects. So, to help ensure you all stay warm and cozy this winter, contact Air Professionals to request our heating system preventive maintenance service. You’ll love the added peace of mind it provides.

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