How to Keep Your AC System in Top Working Order.

Whether you mean to or not, you ask a lot of your central air conditioning system.  Long hours.  No sleep.  No pay.

And yet if and when it’s ever let you down, have you thought: “Poor thing, if only I had taken better care of you!” Okay, we get it – your AC system is not a person and deserves no such empathy.  But if you fully value the investment you’ve made in it, doesn’t it at least deserve the best possible care you can take of it?

Of course it does, and that’s why we’re pleased to offer you the following self-care tips:

  • Keep Your AC System in Top Working OrderCheck your thermostat settings to make sure the temperature is as close to that number as possible. If, however, you need to set it at 68 to cool your house only to 72 degrees, then something is clearly wrong with either your thermostat, AC system, or both.
  • Clean or replace your filter approximately every 60 days. Once you’ve done that a couple of times, you’ll know whether it needs to be cleaned more or less frequently.
  • Keep weeds and shrubs away from your outside condensing unit and prune them back when they start getting closer than within 12 inches of it.
  • Keep window treatments, furniture, clothes, and everything else away from vents and registers.  can cause serious health problems.  Mold detection kits are available in most home centers and hardware stores.
  • Beef up the caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors to repair or replace any cracks or gaps. The more you allow cool air to escape your home, the more needless wear and tear your system will incur.
  • Find out where your unit’s condensate drain is located and occasionally pass a stiff wire through the drain channels. Clogged channels prevent a unit from reducing humidity, and the resulting excess moisture may discolor walls or carpet.

We can help add value to your home AC system, too.  At Air Professionals, we recommend and perform annual preventative maintenance.  That allows us to help ensure improved performance, lower utility costs, cleaner indoor air, and consistent temperatures from one room or area of your home to the next.  If it’s been a year or longer since your system was last serviced, we invite you to contact Air Professionals today.

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