How to Hire a Heating Company

When it’s time to look for a new furnace, what do most people do? 

Well, here’s what NOT to do:  look for a new furnace.  You’re far better off finding a local and reputable HVAC company that can work closely with you to recommend the right system for your home and budget.  And that’s just for starters.

Hire a Heating Company

Today there are numerous brands of home heating systems that are comparable in quality and features.  Which means the brand isn’t the most important factor. Instead, it’t the company that will install, service, and repair it for as long as you need their assistance.   After all, why change horses – or heating and cooling companies – in mid-stream when you’re safely enroute to sustained indoor comfort!

Here’s just some of what a qualified heating company can do to ensure you get exactly the right new system:

  • Perform heat load calculations so it’s properly sized for the size and layout of your home…a system too big or too small will under perform
  • Inspect your ductwork to ensure proper airflow
  • Locate areas where air is escaping your home – such as through and around windows, doors, and up through your attic – to help keep heating costs to a minimum
  • Check the location and integrity of vents and registers

The right heating and cooling company also will ask questions to determine if you have any special indoor air quality needs.  If, for example, certain family members suffer from allergies, asthma, or other upper respiratory ailments, you should consider having a whole-house air purifier installed along with your new furnace.

Throughout Putnam, Westchester and Fairfield counties, Air Professionals is the company more and more homeowners trust for all their heating cooling needs – including heating system replacement and new installations.

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