Declutter Your Home: Easy Tips

Try as you might to prevent it, things just find a way of piling up throughout your home…including in plain sight. When do you tend to notice? How about on cleaning day, or when you’re hunting down an object you haven’t used in years but suddenly have an urgent need for?  And that says nothing about when it’s time to pack your house to move into your new home.

So, if excess clutter has you grabbing and pulling at big clumps of hair, gently let go and read on:        

Declutter Your Home

  1. Change your lighting. Stark lighting can put your home’s imperfections on display, while warm and strategically placed can help keep them in the shadows while highlighting its features. That’s not really a cure for a cluttered house, but at least you’ll buy a little time until you tackle the project head on.
  2. The different between clean and organized. A clean surface is free of dirt and grime. An organized surface is free of clutter. If your counters, dressers, and other surfaces are filled with stuff, it’s time to purge and merge.
  3. Out-of-place Items. Even an apple will look out of place on a completely bare kitchen counter. Clear off everything that doesn’t belong, then designate a place for frequently used items.
  4. Refrigerator as message center. Designate an area where everyone can retrieve their mail, messages, check the school calendar, and more – perhaps a hanging bulletin board? Just remember to de-clutter it, too, once an item ceases to be useful.
  5. Don’t over-rely on storage bins. Storage bins help enormously when you run out of dresser space or when toys start taking over a room. The problem is that storage bins are often out of sight, and you know what that means.  So purge before you store, and purge some more at least once a year.  

While you’re at it, remove any clothing, furniture, or window treatments that might be blocking your vents or registers. That serves only to drive up your heating and cooling costs while adding wear and tear to your HVAC systems

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