How to Cool Off a Hot Room

Do you have one room in your home that just never stays as cool as the rest? Perhaps it’s a converted garage, finished basement, or a west-facing home office that is consistently 10 to 15 degrees warmer than you’d like it to be. And while you can cope by avoiding the too-hot room as much as possible, wouldn’t life be easier if you didn’t need to run a noisy window air conditioner or a few fans to lower the temperature? Sure it would.

Here are a few ways to find relief.

Central Air Inspection. If the room in question is cooled by a central air conditioning system, a licensed HVAC technician can uncover the cause of the temperature imbalance and suggest a remedy. It might be as simple as adjusting household airflow or adding another register on the floor or ceiling. Whatever the challenge, count on Air Professionals to recommend the right solution.  

A Ductless Alternative. If a room or area of your home is not hooked up to a central air system, like a finished basement or room addition, a ductless air system might just be the answer. A ductless system is whisper quiet, nonintrusive, and more energy-efficient than its central air counterpart. Plus, you can enjoy the added benefit of a system that heats and cools – ideal for a converted space lacking either.  

Made in the Shade. Landscaping does far more than just improve curb appeal. Done thoughtfully and strategically, it can keep your home cooler in the summer months. For example, tall shrubs, shorter trees and even a trellis can help deflect afternoon sun.

Window Shopping. Apply reflective, heat-control window film to not only add a level of privacy but block UV rays which can dramatically increase room temperature. What’s more, most window film is easy to apply, requiring no more than a tape measure and a pair of scissors.

Fan-tastic Solution. If your home is equipped with a whole-house fan, turn it on once the outdoor temperature falls below the temperature indoors. Or position portable fans to blow out towards an open window on the sunny side of the house and do the opposite where there’s shade. Also, consider installing a ceiling fan in rooms that are typically warmer than others.

Staying cool and comfortable throughout your home can be a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be when you engage the services of Air Professionals. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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