How to Cool Down a Hot Room

Whether it’s a room addition, converted attic, finished basement, or garage workshop, every home has that one space you can’t keep cool enough in the summer. Sure, you can use a noisy wall or window air conditioner, an oscillating fan, or simply ignore the room until cooler temps arrive. But wouldn’t you prefer a lasting solution?

Here are 6 clever ways to cool down just about any hot room.

  1. Made in the Shade

In addition to boosting curb appeal, thoughtfully planned landscaping can also help keep your home cool all summer long. Strategically placed trees, tall shrubs, and trelliswork can deflect morning and afternoon sun while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your property.

  1. Instant Awnings

While you wait for those trees and shrubs to mature, why not give awnings a try? Not everyone loves how they look but everyone loves the fact that they can reduce heat gain by as much as 75 percent. Install them over west-facing windows to block out the harsh afternoon sun.

  1. Cover the Windows

Did you know you can reduce solar heat gain for free? That’s right – simply keep blinds, shades, and curtains closed on sun-facing windows. Or for just a few dollars per window, install reflective heat-control window film that limits the amount of heat that passes through a window and into the living or workspace.

  1. A Fan-tastic Solution

Set ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise to push cool air down toward the floor. On days or nights with low humidity, situate a box fan to blow toward an open window, especially on the upper floor of the house. Then position another one on the lower level to blow inward.

  1. AC Check-Up

If a room or area of your home is consistently warmer than the rest of the house, it may have something to do with your central AC system. Leaky ductwork, an improperly sized system, and lack of air vents or returns can cause hot (and cold) spots. Have your central air system inspected by a licensed HVAC technician.

  1. Go Ductless

For areas where adding or extending central air is not feasible, consider a ductless system that can cool (and heat) just about any space in your home. These non-intrusive and whisper quiet units are ideal for converted garages, finished basements, converted attics, three-season porches, and in other areas where you can benefit from additional heating and cooling.

Hot rooms are not a fact or staple of life; they are easily correctible. So stop living with excess heat and allow Air Professionals to cool things off with the right solution for every type or size of home. Contact us today for a free home inspection and upgrade proposal.

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