How to Control Weed Growth

We feel like we owe many of our customers an apology, so here it comes. It seems some of them are so comfortable indoors during the summer – thanks to the good care we take of their AC systems – they don’t spend enough time tending to outdoor needs.

You know, like weeding. It’s especially problematic when the methods you know just aren’t getting the job done.

So, allow us to assist you in achieving a better looking lawn without depriving you of any more indoor comfort than is necessary. Ready? Here it comes.

Weeds overboard. Boiling hot water poured directly onto a weed may not kill it, but it will put it into a deep sleep. You can accomplish the same goal with a specially designed weed killing steamer. Either one is a good solution for weeds in isolated places like sidewalk cracks. Just be prepared to repeat the process if you want to avoid using chemical weed killers.

Control Weed Growth

A pinch of this and a dash of that. Make your own weed-killing formula with just a few pantry staples. Mix together a gallon of vinegar, one cup of table salt, and a tablespoon of dish soap. Pour the mixture into a large, clean spray bottle and shake, being careful not to get any in your eyes. Thoroughly douse the weeds with the solution on a sunny day. The soap helps penetrate the solution while the vinegar acid burns the weed and the salt withers it away. The roots may survive so you’ll likely need to reapply every week or so.

News you can use. After you’ve read the morning paper, use it to stop weeds before they start. Simply lay down sheets of newspaper in weed-prone areas and cover them with mulch. This will deprive invasive plants of the light and air they need to grow. This method is best for areas where you don’t want anything to grow…period. And because newspaper is biodegradable, you’ll have to reapply seasonally.

Let it grow. Grass that is kept too short practically invites certain weed varieties to grow. By contrast, a dense, healthy lawn can deter weeds on its own. Stick to your regular mowing schedule but adjust the blades on your mower to 3 inches.

See that? Very little time was just wasted in controlling your weed population. Now, you’re back in your cool, comfortable home. So remember, to help keep it that way, simply contact Air Professionals for annual preventive maintenance. We service and repair all AC system makes and models, including yours!

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