How to Conserve Energy at Home

There’s no statute of limitations on complaining about home energy costs. Nor are you ever too young to start. Newly marrieds complain, Gen X and Y’ers complain, people on fixed incomes complain, even people of substantial means.

In light of all that, how about – just for a change of pace – a little less complaining and a lot more proactivity?!

Conserve Energy at Home

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Check your lights. Have a stash of replacement incandescent light bulbs just waiting to be pressed into service? We suggest donating them to someone – perhaps even science – and replacing them compact fluorescents or LED bulbs. Yes, the latter cost more, not to mention you’ll be foregoing light bulbs you’ve already purchased.   Doesn’t matter…you will an appreciable savings both in terms of light-bulb expensive (fluorescent and LED bulbs last much longer than the incandescent varieties) and reduced electricity costs.  
  2. Install ceiling fans. Heat rises…but you already knew that.  But let’s dig into that one a little deeper.  Rising heat from your boiler or furnace doesn’t come back down all by itself. That means your heating system has to produce more and more heat to keep you comfortable.  Or, you can purchase one or more ceiling fans to push that warm air down – where it belongs – so you don’t need as much from your furnace or boiler.  Simple, right?
  3. Bye-bye old thermostat. Controlling the amount of conditioned air you need with a standard thermostat is an exercise in futility for would-be energy savers. Long story short, you can save much more with programmable thermostats without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.
  4. Prevent and patch air leaks. Air leaks drive up heating and cooling costs by an average of 30%…ouch! Properly sealed windows, entry doors, garage doors, sockets, switches, and more can make a huge impact on your energy consumption and costs.
  5. Check your insulation. Poor attic insulation allows warm air to sneak into your attic, out through roof, and up into the clouds, and all while ringing up your energy costs to record highs. Attic insulation should be up to date, cover the whole area, and be around six inches deep. Is yours?    

Here’s another way to stay warm (or cool) and comfortable while saving money: have your heating and cooling systems professionally cleaned and inspected once a year. A well-maintained system runs more efficiently, last longer, is less prone to repair issues, and provides cleaner air.  What’s not to like?  Contact Air Professionals to request service, and start saving money!



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