Technician performing annual maintenance.

Heating System Maintenance | Furnace Tune-up

Air Professional Associates Has Your Back, All Winter Long.

Most of us face the onset of winter with at least mild trepidation…especially after the last few winters we’ve experienced.

Well, one way to triumph over nature is to prepare the repair problems inside of your home the best you can. Step one? Scheduling preventative heating system maintenance with Air Professional Associates.

It’s a multi-step process designed primarily to keep your heating system in top working order. Other benefits include the following:

  • Catching and taking care of small repair problems before they become big problems
  • Longer system lifespan
  • Greater whole-house comfort
  • Lower utility costs
  • Added safety

Here’s another reason to schedule service: if your system is still under warranty, failure to have proper preventative maintenance performed could cause your warranty to become void.

At Air Professional Associates, we do a very thorough and precise job, just as our many customers have come to expect. In fact, here are the primary steps we employ during preventative maintenance:

  • Check thermostat
  • Clean and adjust furnace burner assembly
  • Clean furnace ignition assembly
  • Examine heat exchanger for damage and corrosion
  • Check flue draft
  • Test furnace safety controls
  • Inspect gas piping/oil piping
  • Clear or replace standard air filters (20 x 20 x 1)
  • Tighten electrical connections and measure volts and amps
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Clean condensate drains
  • Adjust gas pressure/adjust pilot
  • Clean and adjust blower motor components

Here’s something else to consider. By enrolling in our Maintenance Plan, you’ll pay less for your preventative maintenance (heating AND cooling) while enjoying several other key benefits.

Contact Air Professional Associates today, and allow us to use our considerable skill and experience to make your home ready for whatever winter might bring.

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