Furnace Repair Problems, and the Most Likely Causes

You know how movie heroes always find a way to laugh in the face of danger, and somehow prevail.

blogThe rest of us pretty much know better. As in, the very thing you laugh at today might just come back to haunt you tomorrow.

Take the winter cold, for instance. It’s ever so easy to mock the chilling outdoor temperatures while counting on your furnace to make you forget all about them. Until it doesn’t. And that’s when and where the laughing stops.

Here’s an idea: instead of wishing and hoping that your furnace will continue to defy all odds and function bravely and relentlessly, year after year, how about giving it a helping hand. The kind that comes from annual preventative maintenance by Air Professional Associates. Not that annual maintenance prevents all repair problems, but it does greater reduce both the likelihood and severity.

Before we tell you more about our preventative maintenance service, here are a few common furnace repair problem symptoms along with their most likely causes:

  • Loud, persistent noises. If it sounds like an alien life form has taken up residence inside your furnace and is now demanding to be released, something is definitely out of whack.       It might be a loose belt, a broken fan blade or shield, or a loose component that’s ready to fail.
  • Sky high utility bills. From one year to the next, it’s reasonable to expect a little bump in the cost to operate your furnace. But not a 50% increase, or perhaps even higher. When that happens, it’s either a sign of old age, lack of ongoing professional care, or both.
  • Yellow pilot light. Blue is the ideal color of your pilot light, while yellow indicates that the gas combination is not in its best condition.
  • Doesn’t start up right away. Here’s another sign of advanced wear and tear that could point to such problems as faulty wiring, broken fan or, once again, a pilot light in need of adjustment.

If you’re reading this blog BEFORE a problem has occurred, you can help make sure it doesn’t by contacting us for annual preventative maintenance. Your Air Professionals heating technician will thoroughly clean and inspect your system and let you know if any other minor work needs to be done to help prevent a sudden loss of heat.

Or, if the horse has already left the barn and you’re out of heat or having any sort of problem with your furnace, that’s what we’re here for: Air Professional Associates. Just give us a call and we’ll get the job done to your complete satisfaction – guaranteed!

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