Furnace Preventive Maintenance

In its own way, your heating system runs an annual marathon the likes of which no human could endure. Once you start using it, you’ll EXPECT it to generate all the warm air you need, problem free, until winter finally crosses the finish line. And yet, as your system ages, that expectation becomes increasingly difficult to fulfill. 

What’s the solution? Our multi-point cleaning and inspection service expertly performed by one of our indoor comfort specialists. Here are the primary benefits you’ll receive:       

  • More efficient and reliable system operation
  • Fewer and less costly repairs
  • Longer system lifespan
  • Lower energy costs
  • Cleaner indoor air

Furnace Preventive Maintenance

Also, let’s not forget added safety!  During our inspection, we’ll check for possible gas and carbon monoxide leaks, both of which can cause serious health issues. We also tighten electrical connections to help prevent an electrical fire.  And, with gas furnaces, we’ll sure the flue is working properly to allow gas to vent outdoors. 

Here’s something else to consider. Some manufacturers require annual system maintenance – performed by a qualified HVAC technician – to keep your system warranty in effect. 

What’s the best time of year for heating system maintenance? Early fall, well before the weather turns sharply colder.  That way, you can feel more confident that your family will have all the indoor comfort you need come winter.

Why not contact us today to schedule service to give yourself some added peace of mind as we head into winter.

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