Five Myths About Central Air Conditioning

If you’re living without central air conditioning, you might be dreading the onset of summer with all the heat and humidity that are part of the package. And sure, lugging those heavy window units back into their respective rooms is a pain, as is the humming sound they make, but installing central air is such a hassle, right?

Think again. Central air conditioning has changed over the years, becoming more efficient and economical than ever. Here are 5 myths that might help you realize just how cool central air can be. 

Five Myths About Central Air Conditioning

Myth 1: It’s expensive to install and run. Sure, having a new air conditioning system installed isn’t exactly cheap, but it needn’t cost an arm and a leg, either. From traditional systems with ductwork, to ductless mini-splits and heat pumps, you are sure to find a home comfort solution to meet your needs and budget. Plus, energy efficiency is ever improving, which translates into lower energy bills.

Myth 2: Installation will be a mess! If your home does not have ductwork and you opt for a traditional system, the ductwork will need to go somewhere, usually in the attic. And that means little to no mess in your living spaces. Or, you might opt for a mini-split which provides all the cool air you need without air ducts. That makes installation an even more efficient and mess-less operation.  

Myth 3: Air-conditioning vents are ugly. While grilled cooling vents are still common, you can now choose outlets and vents that blend in seamlessly into your tile, wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring (or ceiling).

Myth 4: Central air conditioning is noisy. This isn’t your grandpa’s air conditioning system. If whisper-quiet performance is what you seek, today’s systems are sure to deliver.

Myth 5: HVAC systems are one-trick ponies.  Wrong again! Ductless mini-split systems offer both heating and cooling. They also can be used for whole-house comfort or, for example, to heat and cool an addition.

Today’s air conditioning systems offer up to 95% energy efficiency – that in itself is something to cheer about. To learn more or schedule an in-home consultation and new system proposal, contact Air Professionals today.

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