Don’t Let Fall Allergies Get You Down!

Autumn can be a brutal time of year if you’re sensitive to mold and ragweed.

And yet these allergens have some pretty strong “associates” like hay fever, leaves, lawn chemicals, and more.

Let’s further examine a few of the more prominent fall allergies.

Hay Fever

News flash: hay fever has nothing to do with hay. It simply describes the symptoms of late summer/early fall allergies. Ragweed, a common cause of hay fever, usually begins to pollinate in mid-August and may continue to affect those allergic until the first hard frost.  

Lingering Warm Weather

While most people enjoy Indian summer, unseasonably warm autumn temperatures can make hay fever symptoms worse and last longer. Mold spores also can be released when humidity is high, or the weather is dry and windy. 


For allergy sufferers, the simple act of raking leaves can release pollen and mold into the air, thereby worsening your symptoms. If you must rake, do so while wearing a mask.   

School Allergens

Kids are often exposed to classroom irritants and allergy triggers. These can include chalk dust and classroom pets. Students with food allergies may be exposed to allergens in the lunch room while kids with exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) may experience attacks during recess or gym class.

Help is on the Way!

As you can see, there’s a lot working against allergy sufferers this time of year. And yet you have Air Professionals to help you fight back.

We offer several indoor air quality solutions that can rid your entire home of 99%+ indoor allergens, pesticides, dust mites, bacteria, and other indoor pollutants. 

Take dry heat for example, which is a common cause of winter-time misery for some. With a whole-house humidifier, you’ll enjoy added comfort and ongoing relief from dry hair, itchy skin, static electric shock, upper respiratory ailments, and more.

Bottom line, we have the right air quality solution for every home, every family need, and every budget. Contact us today for a free improved-air-quality recommendation and proposal.


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